Unleashing the Potential of Nasdaq Boardvantage

What is Boardvantage?

Nasdaq Boardvantage is a board portal. What is Boardvantage used for? It is used for corporate governance, where board members and executives can communicate, organize board work, exchange documents, and conduct meetings.

This board management software offers dozens of tools that allow for the most efficient process optimization and meeting assistance. Nasdaq Boardvantage serves over 4,000 organizations worldwide, with a large portion being financial services, insurance, banking, and accounting companies.

Boardvantage Board Governance Product Overview

Nasdaq Boardvantage tools can be divided into several main groups:

Drag and DropThis is one of the features that clients like about Nasdaq Boardvantage, as it allows them to easily add documents to board reporting portals.
Search and Ordering FeaturesUsers mention that Boardvantage is the best way to organize board materials and make them easily accessible, thanks to its search and ordering functions.
Enterprise SyncBoardvantage users appreciate this feature as it eliminates the need to send board announcement materials at night or distribute updated documents just before the meeting. 
Nasdaq Boardvantage Tools

Now they can share and update documents directly on the portal, with participants being automatically notified of changes.

Communication and Collaboration Capabilities

Board secretaries find that the simplified calendar is an essential meeting management tool, enabling them to easily communicate with board members and find the best meeting dates. According to Nasdaq Boardvantage clients, the personalized feed is an excellent tool for keeping directors informed of relevant board information.

Board members mention that highlighting and annotation features make it easy to mark important excerpts in board materials and leave notes for other users. This saves them a lot of time when collaborating within board dashboard groups.

Boardvantage clients use the survey tool for electronic voting, such as for annual board elections. They find this feature easy to use, significantly reducing the time needed to organize and tally voting results.

Workflow Process

The process looks as follows:

  • Meeting Preparation. Boardvantage provides a centralized platform where organizers can easily gather and distribute necessary materials. All information, from agendas and documents to presentations and reports, is securely stored and readily accessible to authorized participants, ensuring everyone is well-prepared before the meeting starts.
  • Collaborative Annotations and Discussions. Boardvantage offers interactive annotation features. Participants can mark up documents, leave comments, and engage in discussions directly on the platform. This collaboration fosters constructive dialogue and enables quick decision-making from anywhere.
  • Security Measures. Boardvantage applies robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and audit logs, to protect confidential information. Compliance requirements such as GDPR or HIPAA are also taken into account, ensuring board communication remains within legal boundaries.
  • Mobile App. In response to the growing remote work and mobile leadership, Boardvantage offers a mobile application that grants users access to meeting materials from their smartphones or tablets. The app includes an offline mode, allowing access to documents even without an internet connection, promoting flexibility and productivity.
  • Post-Meeting Optimization. Boardvantage streamlines post-meeting processes by automating the creation and distribution of meeting minutes and actions. Clear ownership and deadlines are assigned, ensuring that decisions made during the meeting workflow are promptly implemented and tracked to completion.
  • Voting Procedures. The platform simplifies voting procedures by offering electronic voting capabilities. This feature enables boards to conduct secure and confidential voting, saving time and resources. The platform allows for conducting surveys and gathering feedback, promoting continuous improvement and more effective governance.
  • Analytics and Performance Tracking. Clients gain valuable insights into meeting effectiveness and engagement through advanced analytics. Boards and administrators can evaluate attendance, participation levels, and meeting trends to optimize future sessions and make more informed decisions.

Pay attention to every detail, not to miss anything.

Statements and Signatures

In the modern business environment, organizations require a simpler approach to approving essential documents, contracts, resolutions, and other critical materials. The traditional paper-based process not only consumes a lot of time but also leads to delays, misplaced documents, and potential security breaches. 

Digital approvals and board of directors email signatures address these issues and offer several significant advantages:

  • The feature allows board members and executives to review and approve documents electronically, regardless of their physical location. This eliminates the need for physical meetings and enables faster decision-making, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality and security of board materials is of utmost importance. Boardvantage ensures that all documents and messages are encrypted and protected by advanced security protocols, minimizing the risk of data leaks.
  • Transitioning to digital approvals and signatures significantly reduces dependence on paper, promoting environmental sustainability and cost savings related to printing and storage.
  • Boardvantage keeps a log of all actions, including document approvals and signatures. This feature not only enhances transparency but also helps in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Participants can access board materials and participate in approvals using various devices such as tablets and smartphones, providing real-time access even on the go.

Pluses and Minuses of the Nasdaq Boardvantage Board Portal


  • This software significantly simplifies collaboration with external stakeholders and facilitates the adoption of Nasdaq governance solutions.
  • Detailed access control in Boardvantage ensures that each individual has only the necessary level of access.
  • The customer support team is professional, and the Nasdaq Boardvantage user guide provides a satisfactory experience.
  • The well-designed board portal allows for an organized presentation of board materials, making them accessible to all board members, regardless of their location.
  • Nasdaq’s login is well-protected, and the data security level for all resources on the platform remains consistently high.


  • It does not support adding attachments to emails not uploaded to Nasdaq.
  • There is no integration with the Outlook calendar in the meetings module.
  • Adequate preparation may be required for full adaptation.

Consider each parameter to determine the ideal solution according to your requirements.

Nasdaq Board Portal Cost

Several points are worth considering. Let’s discuss them.

Transparent Pricing

The pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees or commissions. Developers invest in improving their technology without charging organizations extra for software upgrades or additional options.

Placing Value First

Simple pricing allows organizations to focus on what matters most: facilitating critical decision-making, advancing strategic vision, and increasing value for stakeholders.

Scalable Solution

By default, Nasdaq Boardvantage is scalable and customizable for organizations, subsidiaries, committees, and teams, adapting to organizations of all shapes and sizes. To find out the specific cost of services, you can fill out the necessary form on the website.


The Nasdaq Boardvantage platform stands out as a leader in providing comprehensive Nasdaq governance solutions. It empowers organizations with efficient board reporting portals, enabling seamless collaboration, secure information sharing, and streamlined decision-making processes. 

To ensure smooth implementation and utilization, users can refer to the Nasdaq Boardvantage user guide for detailed instructions and insights. Embracing such modern digital solutions is vital for organizations aiming to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.