Simplifying Governance with Boardable Software

What Is Boardable?

Boardable is a modern software platform designed to radically transform the way boards of directors and committees are managed. In a rapidly changing world, effective communication, collaboration, and organization are crucial for the success of any group.

In our Boardable reviews, we will explore how this platform can provide assistance. Essentially, Boardable serves as a central hub, bringing together board members, volunteers, committees, and employees of nonprofit organizations on a unified platform. Its main goal is to streamline and simplify board management processes, making them more efficient and transparent. Various Boardable alternatives may offer differing functionalities.

Boardable Board Management Software Features Overview

Consider agenda and smart meetings, document management, and accessibility.

Agenda Creation

Efficiently organizing and planning meetings, discussing priorities, and making important board management solutions require an effective tool. With Boardable, you can create and edit meeting agendas online. Team members can easily add new agenda items and set deadlines for each discussed topic. This streamlines the meeting preparation process and keeps all participants informed about the latest updates.

Additionally, there is an option to add context to each agenda item. Documents, notes, reports, and other essential materials can be attached to specific agenda items, providing a comprehensive overview of all aspects.

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings can assist boards of directors in focusing on planning and effective board meeting tools as well as increase attendance. To utilize this feature, simply click on the “Smart Meetings” tab. From there, you can select topics to include in the agenda for the current meeting. 

The advantages of Smart Meetings on Boardable include:

  • Saving time by automatically generating meeting agendas based on topics discussed in previous meetings.
  • Helping boards be more efficient by ensuring all critical topics are covered during the meetings.
  • Improving the quality of communication.
  • Enhancing transparency in work processes.

It is a good and profitable tool for meetings.

Document Management

With Boardable, users can use secure files management related to board of directors’ meetings, committees, projects, and other crucial organizational details. Various file formats can be uploaded to the platform. Intuitive folder structures, tags, and search functions enable quick classification and retrieval of documents.

Every time board documents are edited and updated, the platform automatically tracks changes, ensuring the preservation of previous versions. Data encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication are employed to protect confidential information from breaches and leaks.


This is board meeting agenda software with several key features to accommodate the needs of users with various impairments, including hearing, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual impairments.

There is a built-in screen reader program with adjustable voice speed for individuals with visual impairments, in addition to a contrast switch, link highlighting option, and the ability to increase text spacing.

This helps create a cleaner and less visually cluttered interface. Additionally, there is a feature to customize font size and pause animations with flashing or flickering images to assist people prone to seizures.

Boardable Board Software Pros and Cons


  • Competent Customer Support. Boardable clients rarely encounter difficulties with the software. However, if assistance is needed, the support team responds promptly to all inquiries. Support is available 24/7 through multiple communication channels.
  • Regular Service Improvements. The Boardable team consistently updates the product, continually enhancing its design and user interaction. Users appreciate that the team gathers user feedback and makes adjustments based on their preferences. As a result, the product adapts to the audience’s needs, which is highly valuable in today’s market realities.
  • Ease of Use. Boardable follows best UX practices to make its design user-friendly and easy to navigate. The clean, single-page dashboard allows for easy movement and management of key functionalities. While some users may require additional time to learn the basics, 90% of customers find the interface intuitive and helpful in engaging board members effectively.

Boardable also offers educational resources designed for board members and administrators, including a boarding academy, webinars, video tutorials, and more. Additionally, users can refer to the FAQ section, e-books, demo versions, and official documents to learn more about the platform’s features.


  • Price. Boardable is offered on a subscription basis, and the cost may be an issue for small organizations or nonprofits with limited budgets. The price may vary depending on the number of users and required features.
  • Integration Limitations. Boardable may not fully integrate with other existing software or tools used by your company.

Consider these points when choosing!

Boardable Pricing Models

Boardable offers several pricing packages. You can choose what is suitable for you depending on the needs of your business.

Free Plan

Ideal for small organizations or those looking to test the platform before transitioning to a paid format. This plan may come with limitations on the number of users, boards, and features.

Basic Plan

(Starting at $17.99 per user per month).

Designed for growing organizations needing more features and user access. It includes a broader range of features such as unlimited meetings, file storage, and basic integrations. It allows for more users and boards compared to the free plan.

Professional Plan

(Starting at $26.99 per user per month).

The Pro Plan addresses more complex board management needs and offers advanced features like individual branding, electronic signatures, and meeting recordings. It’s an excellent option for those requiring comprehensive collaboration tools.


Boardable pricing for this plan needs to be obtained directly.

This plan expands your solution with customizable reports, multiple account instances, API integrations, and expert consultation services. Talk to a product specialist to learn more.

Corporate Plan

Suitable for organizations with a diversified management structure, multiple teams, and specific requirements. The corporate plan offers tailored solutions with extensive customization options, including custom reports, multiple account instances, API integrations, and professional consultations. It supports large-scale governance operations and optimizes collaboration.

Key Takeaways

Boardable has become a versatile solution for board and organizational management processes. Its flexible pricing models cater to a wide range of enterprises, from small nonprofits to large corporations. Boardable provides special discounts for nonprofits, making this valuable tool more accessible.

Overall, Boardable offers a high-functionality tool that enhances board management efficiency and supports smarter decision-making for organizations of various scales. Boardable expands the possibilities for diverse organizations seeking a well-rounded board management solution.