Campaign Issues

So many issues face us. Candidate can tackle them and make our community a better place.


Domestic Policy - Cyber Security


  • Government must take responsibility for creating a secure computing environment for individuals and maintaining balance between security and privacy
  • Create a Federal Cyber Security Agency that will operate a secure civilian network
  • Agency mission
    • Operate a network that assures low levels of risk to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data for the benefit of US civilian population
    • Provide cyber training to the population at large
    • Enforce standards of behavior
    • Protect the privacy of civilian users of the secure network
    • Provide users with a government verified digital identity
    • The network will NOT be operated by law enforcement, intelligence, or military organizations


Domestic Policy – Sex Positive Approach


Sexual rights

  • Actively oppose the conservative idea that sex should only happen between a man and a woman who are married to each other
  • Right to NOT become a parent in case of pregnancy – redefine abortion debate as a right to unplanned sex

Abortion rights for women

  • Men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement

End government involvement in marriage – no discrimination based on marital status

  • Decriminalize sex between consenting adults
  • Protect privacy rights
  • Define consent
  • End adultery laws
  • Decriminalize and legalize sex work

Make sexual rights explicit – do NOT rely on privacy or free speech rights


Foreign Policy - Ending the war in Ukraine


United States must be clear and honest about its political objectives and the desired end-state in Ukraine. Even if the objectives differ from those of the Ukrainian government.

Campaign Positions

  • Territory is less important than people
  • Civil rights are just as important as free and fair elections.
  • Transition to a peace time economy must focus on economic equality over market principles